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Oracle OIT IX SDK libvs_pdf Tj Operator Denial of Service Vulnerability

July 19, 2016

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When parsing a specialy crafted PDF document, a NULL pointer dereference leading to a process termination. A pointer value from a memory structure initialized to zero is reference without check.

Tested Versions

Oracle Outside In IX SDK 8.5.1

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While executing a Tj operator on a piece of text contained in a stream, a memory structure probably containing charset mappings is referenced. No NULL pointer check is made and since the structure is zero initialized this can result in a crash.

The supplied testcase successfully crashes the sample ixsample application supplied with the SDK.

In the supplied testcase, after the parser successfully decodes the /FlateDecode encoded stream data, it proceeds to execute the operators contained within. In this case the decoded stream data is :

'BT\r/F2 1 Tf\r12 0 0 12 90.001 708.017 Tm\r0 g\r/GS1 gs\r0 Tc\r0 Tw\r(Results)Tj\r/F3 1 Tf\r0 -1.04 TD\r0.0009 Tc\r0.0087 Tw\r(The tasters s'

The problematic code is triggered while Tj operator is being executed with it’s argument being string “Results”. Function OIT_cmdTj in libvs_pdf.so implements this operator.

Eventually the function sub_B74E190C is reached (libvs_pdf.so base address being 0xB74BF000) and the crash is triggered by the following basic block specifically:

.text:B74E1E20 mov     edx, [esp+0BCh+arg_4]
.text:B74E1E27 movzx   eax, byte ptr [edx+1F9Ch]
.text:B74E1E2E mov     edx, ebp						[1]
.text:B74E1E30 movzx   ecx, dl 						[2]
.text:B74E1E33 shl     eax, 5
.text:B74E1E36 mov     edi, [esp+0BCh+arg_4]
.text:B74E1E3D lea     edx, [eax+edi]
.text:B74E1E40 mov     eax, [edx+1F18h]				[3]
.text:B74E1E46 movzx   edi, byte ptr [eax+ecx]		[4]
.text:B74E1E4A mov     eax, edi
.text:B74E1E4C test    al, al
.text:B74E1E4E jz      loc_B7

At the time of the crash, initial value of ebp at [1] contains the first character of the Tj operator argument, in this case “R”, which ends up in ecx and is subsequently used as an offset into the memory structure at [4]. At [2], value of dl is zero extended into ecx limiting our control over it. At [3], final value of eax is set from offset 0x1f18 into edx. Value of eax can be NULL but isn’t checked resulting in a near NULL pointer dereference.

It is worth nothing that when the same memory address is accessed in other parts of the code, the pointer is properly checked beforehand.


Discovered by Aleksandar Nikolic of Cisco Talos.


2016-04-12 - Discovery
2016-07-19 – Public Disclosure