Talos Vulnerability Report


Oracle OIT IX SDK libvs_pdf Root xref Denial of Service Vulnerabiity

July 19, 2016

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A stack overflow leading to a crash due to unbounded recursive function call is present in the PDF file format parsing code of the IX SDK.

Tested Versions

Oracle Outside In IX sdk 8.5.1

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While parsing a malformed PDF file which contains a reference to the Root element with malformed or missing an xref table a recursive call to a function is made each time with the same parameters eventually leading to a crash due to process stack exhaustion.

Technical information below:

During a call to VwStreamOpen function in libvs_pdf.so library, code dealing with Root element is reached (image base is at 0xB74BF000):

.text:B74ED100 loc_B74ED100:
.text:B74ED100 lea     ebp, [esp+6BCh+var_BC]
.text:B74ED107 cld
.text:B74ED108 mov     ecx, 8
.text:B74ED10D xor     eax, eax
.text:B74ED10F mov     edi, ebp
.text:B74ED111 rep stosd
.text:B74ED113 lea     ecx, [esp+6BCh+var_34]
.text:B74ED11A mov     eax, [esp+6BCh+arg_10]
.text:B74ED121 mov     [esp+6BCh+s], eax
.text:B74ED124 lea     edx, (aRoot - 0B74F6998h)[ebx] ; "Root"
.text:B74ED12A mov     eax, esi
.text:B74ED12C call    sub_B74D653E
.text:B74ED131 mov     edx, eax
.text:B74ED133 test    ax, ax
.text:B74ED136 jnz     loc_B74E

Function sub_B74D653E in turn calls a function sub_B74D5EEC in which the unbounded recursive call can happen:

.text:B74D6095 lea     edx, [esp+5ACh+var_14]
.text:B74D609C lea     eax, [esp+5ACh+var_C0]
.text:B74D60A3 mov     ecx, ebp
.text:B74D60A5 call    sub_B74D5EEC
.text:B74D60AA test    ax, ax
.text:B74D60AD jnz     short loc_B74

The supplied minimized testcase triggers the recursive call and leads to a crash due to stack exhaustion. The sample program ixsample supplied with the SDK can be used to reproduce the crash.


Discovered by Aleksandar Nikolic of Cisco Talos.


2016-04-12 - Vendor Notification
2016-07-19 – Public Disclosure