Open Source intrusion prevention system capable of real-time traffic analysis and packet logging.


Open Source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware, & other malicious threats.


Security tool for analysts to identify PE section hashes for executable files, allows for the simple creation of ClamAV section based signatures..

Synful Knock Scanner

A network scanner and utility for detecting signs of the SYNFul Knock router malware.


Framework to analyze, dissect and decompile complex code-reuse attacks.

MBR Filter

Disk filter that blocks write access to the Master Boot Record.


The Function Identification and Recover Signature Tool (FIRST) is an IDA Pro plugin that allows reverse engineers to more quickly complete static analysis.

Cisco Smart Install Scanner

A network scanner and utility for detecting Cisco Smart Install client protocol.


Simple, fast network packet logger and soft tap designed specifically for use in NSM environments.


Software security framework containing automated security tools for vulnerability, discovery, and triage of vulnerabilities in software.


Malware protection system that utilizes cloud computing and social networking to provide community security.

TeslaCrypt Decryption Tool

Open source command line utility for decrypting TeslaCrypt ransomware and returning user files to their original content.


Open source Locky configuration extractor which can dump the configuration parameters used by all currently known variants of Locky e.g. .locky, .zepto, & .odin based ransomware.


LLVM plugin that makes exploitation of use-after-free vulnerabilities more difficult.

Flokibot Tools

Open source collection of scripts that help automate portions of the analysis of Flokibot malware.