Senior Vulnerability Researcher

March, 25 2019 - Fulton MD, Austin TX, or Telecommute from anywhere

If you enjoy vulnerability research, crash analysis, reverse engineering and researching new techniques and writing tools to automate these tasks, this job is for you. This Senior Research position with Cisco Talos VulnDev Team is available to remote and international workers.

Position Overview

Security research including development of tools for vulnerability discovery, analysis and mitigation. Development of fuzzers and static analysis tools to identify new vulnerabilities in software. Development of static and run-time analysis tools to determine the root cause and input conditions related to a vulnerability. Vulnerability triage and proof of concept exploit development to support the creation of detection content. Additional responsibilities include demonstrating leadership in the security community through publishing open source tools, papers, presentations, and blog posts.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform software security analysis to discover new vulnerabilities.
  • Create tools for the discovery and triage of vulnerabilities.
  • Write detailed technical advisories on new vulnerabilities.
  • Develop proof of concept exploits for testing IPS and IDS effectiveness.
  • Perform patch analysis to find and trigger vulnerabilities.
  • Reverse engineer binary applications, protocols and formats.
  • Demonstrate leadership with the security community.

    Education and Work Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in CS, CE, or Mathematics preferred.
  • Demonstrable experience with vulnerability research required.

    Essential Skills

  • Exceptional analytical skills and problem solving skills.
  • Good organization, decision making and verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision and to take on additional tasks as required.
  • Ability to work with small teams to solve complex problems.
  • A drive to succeed and a passion to solve difficult problems.

    Extensive experience in the majority of the following is required

  • C/C++ proficiency, both in reviewing code and for tool development/maintenance.
  • Python or some other scripting language for tool development.
  • Windows, Linux and/or Mac OS X System API and ABI.
  • Common file format and network protocol structures.
  • Binary auditing and reverse engineering (x86/x64 assembler as a minimum).
  • IDA Pro or Binary Ninja, including plugin development.
  • Compiler plugins or program analysis algorithms.
  • Runtime binary instrumentation tools such as PIN, DynamoRIO, etc

Work Conditions

  • Either telecommute from home office or work from Fulton, MD or Austin, TX.
  • Work closely with software reverse engineers and research analysts to understand their needs and develop tools to assist with the creation of detection content.
  • Fast paced and rapidly changing environment.
  • Extremely talented and experienced team members and mentors.