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Beers With Talos : Episode 123

Beers with Talos Ep. #123 (FIXED!): Hunting for ransomware actors on *whispers* the dark web

Re-uploaded on July 22, 2022 to fix audio issues —

We’re back from RSA, Cisco Live and COVID breaks (yes, those things are all absolutely related). Paul Eubanks joins the show to talk about his recent blog post on unmasking ransomware actors on the dark web. He’ll go over several different tactics he and his team use to remove actors’ anonymity that’s so important when actors are working on these websites. Liz provides her take on this from an Incident Response perspective, and Matt semi-pays attention as he ponders how much he hates The Carpenters.

Hosted By:
Mitch Neff@MitchNeff
Matt Olney@kpyke, Liz Waddell@vlsin, and Paul Eubanks@paul_eubanks
Run Time: 35:14

  • ransomware
  • cybersecurity
  • extortion
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  • cyber attacks