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Beers With Talos : Episode 125

Beers with Talos Ep. #125: A(nother) new host approaches!

We’re excited to add to the growing Beers with Talos family with the addition of Lurene Grenier to the squad. Lurene joins her first episode and hits the ground running talking about her current role within Talos. She, Mitch and Matt talk about the major differences between exploit development and vulnerability discovery, and how Lurene started her career in exploit development. While exploit development might sound like the stereotypical thing a “basement hacker” does, it’s actually very important to the security arena and something a hobbyist can easily turn into a career.

Other talking points:

  • Unsolicited marketing advice for Pennsylvania government agencies.
  • Dunking on the Tampa Bay Rays.
  • Why Lurene is always right.
  • $8 million worth of exploit development for Apple products.
Hosted By:
Mitch Neff@MitchNeff
Matt Olney@kpyke
Run Time: 1:00:24

  • vulnerabilities
  • exploits
  • vulndev
  • nation-state actors