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Beers With Talos : Episode 29

This is a PSA: Stop Clicking. There is No Prince.

Recorded 5/11/18 - First and foremost, we recorded this EP one day before our “birthday”. We want to thank everyone, especially you (the listeners), who have let us do this for the last year racking up over half a million downloads!

In this EP, we welcome special guest Nick Biasini from Talos Outreach - we set out to talk about several topics, but spend most of our time with Nick around the idea of building a stronger culture of cybersecurity and what it would take to raise the baseline. We are missing Matt this week, and hope he had an amazing time following the DMB tour up to Burlington or whatever he was doing.

Hosted By:
Mitch Neff@MitchNeff
Special Guest:
Nick Biasini@InfoSec_Nick
Joel Esler@JoelEsler and Matt Olney@kpyke
Run Time: 56:19

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