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Talos Takes : Episode 110

Talos Takes Ep. #110: The kinetic and cyber threats Ukrainian agriculture faces

An underrated aspect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the effect it’s had on the global food supply chain. Ukraine is a major importer and exporter of grain and other food staples, but the industry now faces kinetic and cyber threats. Joe Marshall of Talos has spent months learning all about agricultural cybersecurity and the unique position farming equipment and infrastructure is in. Joe recently wrote about these threats for the Talos blog and joins Talos Takes to talk about how important Ukraine is to the global food supply chain and what law enforcement and global governments can do to prepare for potential state-sponsored attacks.

Hosted By:
Jon Munshaw
Joe Marshall@ImmortanJo3
Run Time: 08:18

  • Ukraine
  • agriculture
  • supply chain
  • state-sponsored