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Talos Takes : Episode 111

Talos Takes Ep. #111 (XL Edition): An update on Talos' efforts in Ukraine

This week, we have the audio version of our recent livestream for Ukraine Independence Day. Talos assembled a panel of experts who have been working hands-on to defend critical Ukraine systems and its citizens from cyber threats. JJ Cummings, Ashlee Benge and Dmytro Krozhevin answer questions from Hazel Burton about the current security threats Ukraine faces, what Talos has done to hunt for threats in the region and how Cisco is supporting its employees in Ukraine.

Hosted By:
Hazel Burton@HazeBurton
Dmytro Korzhevin@dkorzhevin, JJ Cummings, and Ashlee Benge@ashlee_benge
Run Time: 55:44

  • Ukraine