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Talos Takes : Episode 87

Talos Takes Ep. #87 (XL Edition): Livestream update on the current cybersecurity situation in Ukraine

Cisco Talos threat intelligence team and Cisco ThousandEyes went live on Talos’ social media platforms Friday to provide guidance on current cyberattacks and insight into internet activity in Ukraine. Both teams are actively monitoring the digital landscape and openly sharing essential findings to contribute to the safety of our customers globally.

Many of our teams have set aside normal tasks, now spending their time watching over Ukrainian networks. Other teams have focused on protecting refugees, physically and digitally. Still, others have volunteered their free time contributing critical components to our open-source intelligence work. The audio version of this briefing will share what we have seen and how you can protect your data, network and teams.

Hosted By:
Hazel Burton@HazeBurton
Amy Henderson@amyhendertweets and JJ Cummings
Run Time: 54:19

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