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Talos Takes : Episode 88

Talos Takes Ep. #88: Biden's crypto executive order is good for good guys and bad for bad guys

Jon and Nick sit down for a few minutes to talk about U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent Executive Order on more heavily regulating cryptocurrency. For a primer on this episode, you can read a quick overview here. This episode pretty much sums it up as being a good thing for anyone who uses cryptocurrency legitimately, and bad for anyone who uses crypto to do anything illegal. We discuss how greater regulation could affect ransomware operators who rely on virtual currency for ransom payments and illegitimate miners, and why no one using Bitcoin legitimately should be worried.

Hosted By:
Jon Munshaw
Nick Biasini@InfoSec_Nick
Run Time: 07:12

  • cryptocurrency
  • cryptominers
  • ransomware
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  • government