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Talos Takes : Episode 89

Talos Takes Ep. #89: Taking the Meta out of the Metaverse

When most people think of the “Metaverse,” they may first think of the company Meta — the recently rebranded Facebook. After all, what other company would really want everyone taking meetings virtually using avatars while you share your cryptocurrency wallets and personal information with them? The Metaverse is actually much larger than this, though. So in this Talos Takes episode, we’re trying to demystify the Metaverse and look at what it is, exactly. Researcher Jaeson Schultz recaps his recent blog post on the matter, and then he and Jon talk about the potential security pitfalls that could arise from adopting the Metaverse.

Hosted By:
Jon Munshaw
Jaeson Schultz@jaesonschultz
Run Time: 12:22

  • Metaverse
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  • cryptocurrency
  • scams