Mussels is an open-source (Apache 2.0) cross-platform, general-purpose dependency build automation tool. It can be compared to similar tools like Vcpkg, Conan and Buildout.

Mussels is intended to simplify the process of building complex applications that have lengthy dependency chains without having to write all new CMake, Meson, Bazel, XCode, or Visual Studio project files. Instead, anyone can create simple recipes that leverage the original build systems intended by the software authors of any external library dependencies.

Although most recipes and tools are written to build C-based software for the host machine, Mussels provides the flexibility to extend recipes to other architectures and build software in other languages.

Recipes are YAML files that detail how to build a given library or application. A recipe defines where to get the software source archive, what other recipes the software depends on for the build, what tools are required to build the software, and what commands to run.

Visit the Mussels README page on GitHub to learn more. And if you are interested in participating in the project, feel free to join us on the #clamav channel on Freenode's IRC network.