Vulnerability Information

Talos investigates software and operating system vulnerabilities in order to discover them before malicious threat actors do. We provide this information to vendors so that they can create patches and protect their customers as soon as possible.

Zeroday Vulnerabilities

Latest Zeroday Vulnerability Reports
Talos Report ID Vendor Report Date
TALOS-2018-0573 Samsung 2018-04-16
TALOS-2018-0576 Samsung 2018-04-16
TALOS-2018-0569 Adobe 2018-04-16
TALOS-2018-0574 Samsung 2018-04-16
TALOS-2018-0575 Samsung 2018-04-16
TALOS-2018-0570 Samsung 2018-04-12
TALOS-2018-0554 Samsung 2018-04-09
TALOS-2018-0555 Samsung 2018-04-09
TALOS-2018-0557 Samsung 2018-04-09
TALOS-2018-0556 Samsung 2018-04-09

Disclosed Vulnerabilities

Latest Disclosed Vulnerability Reports
Talos Report ID Vendor CVE Number
TALOS-2017-0506 Foxit CVE-2017-14458
TALOS-2018-0536 Foxit CVE-2018-3853
TALOS-2018-0525 Foxit CVE-2018-3842
TALOS-2018-0526 Foxit CVE-2018-3843
TALOS-2018-0532 Foxit CVE-2018-3850
TALOS-2017-0378 Foscam CVE-2017-2871
TALOS-2017-0473 Moxa CVE-2017-12121
TALOS-2017-0472 Moxa CVE-2017-12120
TALOS-2017-0476 Moxa CVE-2017-12124
TALOS-2017-0474 Moxa CVE-2017-14435 - CVE-2017-14437