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Threats, Beers, and No Silver Bullets

Listen to Talos security experts as they bring their hot takes on current security topics and Talos research to the table. Along the way Mitch, Liz, Matt and a rotating chair of special guests will talk about anything (and we mean anything) that's on their minds, from the latest YouTube trends to Olympic curling etiquette. New episodes every other Thursday.

Latest Episode

Stories from the Power Grid

Power grid security expert Joe Marshall joins the crew today to talk all things, well, power grid security. But not before he gets an impromptu pop quiz from Matt in the roundtable.

Joe then tells some stories from his days working in electric utility,  deploying new systems and his experiences with pentesting teams ("Wow, y'all need to stop!"). Plus, the team ask Joe about  the risks with both aging infrastructure versus newer, smarter based infrastructure. And what happens when threat actors target critical infrastructure?

Talos Takes

Talos’ spin on security news

Every week, host Jon Munshaw brings on a new guest from Talos or the broader Cisco Secure world to break down a complicated security topic in just five or 10 minutes. We cover everything from breaking news to attacker trends and emerging threats.

Latest Episode

Recapping RSA

Nicole Hoffman, fresh off her trip to the RSA Conference, joins host Jon Munshaw this week to talk about her major takeaways from the week in San Francisco. Nicole talks about how most of the discussions on the floor centered around AI, and what lessons other defenders are learning from some of our past mistakes. If you'd like to check out Nicole's other work, buy her children's cybersecurity books on Amazon