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Listen to Talos security experts as they bring their hot takes on current security topics and Talos research to the table. Along the way Mitch, Liz, Matt and a rotating chair of special guests will talk about anything (and we mean anything) that's on their minds, from the latest YouTube trends to Olympic curling etiquette. New episodes every other Thursday.

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"I'm going to breach you off." "Not if I breach you off first!"

We know we're like two weeks late to the Barbie party, but the whole Beers with Talos crew has seen it now so we had to talk about it. Expect a lot of "Barbie" talk up at the top. After that, though, we dive into how to set up deception systems and establish your environment to make it harder for an intruder to get in. The goal here is to make it so that attackers have to waste time and resources trying to get in but ultimately come away empty-handed. We talk about why this is important for the systems we build and why the security community doesn't talk enough about this approach. 

Talos Takes

Talos’ spin on security news

Every week, host Jon Munshaw brings on a new guest from Talos or the broader Cisco Secure world to break down a complicated security topic in just five or 10 minutes. We cover everything from breaking news to attacker trends and emerging threats.

Latest Episode

How Talos helped defend BlackHat's network in Vegas

What happens when the hackers become the hacked? BlackHat is one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world, and Talos had a hand in defending the on-site network for the past few years. Yuri Kramarz from Talos Incident Response worked in BlackHat's Network Operations Center this year to help defend BlackHat's network and attendees who connected to the network while attending the conference in August in Las Vegas. He joins Talos Takes this week to discuss what he's learned from the past few years working in the NOC, what types of threats BlackHat faces, and the lessons learned he now takes back into the field with customers. You can also read his reflections on working in the NOC in 2022 here