Vulnerability Information

Talos investigates software and operating system vulnerabilities in order to discover them before malicious threat actors do. We provide this information to vendors so that they can create patches and protect their customers as soon as possible.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Latest Zero-Day Vulnerability Reports
Talos Report ID Vendor Report Date
TALOS-2023-1751 Google 2023-05-31
TALOS-2023-1749 Accusoft 2023-05-24
TALOS-2023-1750 Accusoft 2023-05-24
TALOS-2023-1747 Microsoft 2023-05-16
TALOS-2023-1748 WPS 2023-05-15
TALOS-2023-1746 Weston Embedded 2023-05-09
TALOS-2023-1744 Diagon 2023-05-03
TALOS-2023-1745 Diagon 2023-05-03
TALOS-2023-1743 SoftEther 2023-04-26
TALOS-2023-1742 Accusoft 2023-04-20

Disclosed Vulnerabilities

Latest Disclosed Vulnerability Reports
Talos Report ID Vendor CVE Number
TALOS-2023-1727 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation CVE-2023-1424
TALOS-2022-1681 Weston Embedded CVE-2022-46377,CVE-2022-46378
TALOS-2022-1680 Weston Embedded CVE-2022-41985
TALOS-2023-1693 Google CVE-2023-0698
TALOS-2023-1691 IBM Corporation CVE-2023-28528
TALOS-2023-1690 IBM Corporation None,CVE-2023-26286
TALOS-2022-1593 Slic3r CVE-2022-36788
TALOS-2023-1692 Lenovo Group Ltd. CVE-2023-0896
TALOS-2022-1687 JustSystems Corporation CVE-2023-22291
TALOS-2022-1673 JustSystems Corporation CVE-2022-43664