Talos Vulnerability Report


Reolink RLC-410W cgiserver.cgi cgi_check_ability improper access control vulnerabilities

January 26, 2022
CVE Number

CVE-2021-40413, CVE-2021-40414, CVE-2021-40415,CVE-2021-40416


Multiple incorrect default permissions vulnerabilities exist in the cgiserver.cgi cgi_check_ability functionality of reolink RLC-410W v3.0.0.136_20121102. A specially-crafted HTTP request can lead to denial of service. An attacker can send an HTTP request to trigger this vulnerability.

Tested Versions

Reolink RLC-410W v3.0.0.136_20121102

Product URLs

RLC-410W - https://reolink.com/us/product/rlc-410w/

CVSSv3 Score

7.1 - CVSS:3.0/AV:N/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:L/A:H


CWE-284 - Improper Access Control


The Reolink RLC-410W is a WiFi security camera. The camera includes motion detection functionalities and various methods to save the recordings.

The RLC-410W offers several APIs. Each one requires a specific user permission to be executed. An error in the permission check exists that would allow unprivileged users to execute privileged APIs.

The permission is specified using a numeric value, allegedly. Only three bits are used:

2 1 0

The bit 2 (value 4) is, allegedly, used to permit the majority of Get APIs. The bit 1 (value 2) is, allegedly, used to permit the majority of Set APIs. The bit 0 (value 1) is, allegedly, used to permit the most critical APIs, including some Get and Set. For example, APIs that required the bit 0 set are: UpgradePrepare, Upgrade, Reboot, Shutdown and others.

The permission is tangled with the user session. Indeed a table exists in the context of the user session that shows each API category with the corresponding user permission.

If the API request is performed by a logged-in user, the permission is checked by the cgi_check_ability function:

undefined4 cgi_check_ability(API_command API_command,cgi_session *session,int channel)


    ability_struct = session->ability_struct;
    if (API_command == Login) {
      return 0;
    command_struct = cgi_find_cmd_table(API_command);
    if (command_struct == (command_struct *)0x0) {
      return not support;
    if (false) {
      session_ability_ = 7;                                                                             [1]
      goto LAB_0043a314;
    switch(API_command) {
    case GetDevInfo:
      session_ability_ = ability_struct->GetDevInfo;
    [... other API cases ...]
      goto switchD_0043a174_caseD_b;                                                                    [2]
    [... other API cases ...]
    case GetCloud:
    case SetCloud:
    case GetCloudSchedule:
    case SetCloudSchedule:
      session_ability_ = ability_struct->Cloud;
    case GetPowerLed:
    case SetPowerLed:
      session_ability_ = ability_struct->PowerLed;
    uVar2 = ability error;
    if ((session_ability_ & command_struct->ability_cmd) != 0) {                                        [3]
      uVar2 = 0;
    return uVar2;

The cgi_check_ability checks, given the requested API_command, if the user permission satisfies the API permission. If so the API is executed. If the API requested is not within the switch cases, then the default case, at [2], is performed. The check of the permission is performed at [3] using a logical AND operator between the user permission and the required command permission. It means that, if the permission guaranteed to the user is 7, like for the default case at [2], all the APIs with a permission value are allowed.

The following APIs do not have a specific case within the switch:

{'Login', 'HeartBeat', 'GetMdState', 'GetHddInfo', 'Unknown', 'Playback', 'UpgradePrepare', 'Format', 'SetMdAlarm', 'GetWifiSignal', 'GetAbility', 'GetMdAlarm', 'Logout'}

An authenticated user would already be able to access the above Get APIs, but APIs like UpgradePrepare, Format and SetMdAlarm should not be executable by a non-admin user. Their impact is described below in dedicated sections.

Note that, while this issue requires a logged-in user, it’s possible to use TALOS-2021-1420 to perform these API calls without authentication. In this case, the actual chained CVSS score would be 8.6 - CVSS:3.0/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:L/I:L/A:H and would include the Get APIs, since an authenticated user is not necessary.

CVE-2021-40413 - UpgradePrepare

The UpgradePrepare is the API that checks if a provided filename identifies a new version of the RLC-410W firmware. If the version is new, it would be possible, allegedly, to later on perform the Upgrade. Here is the relevant part of the UpgradePrepare API code:

undefined4 UpgradePrepare(cgi_session *session,cgi_cmd *cgi_cmd)

          current_time = cgi_tick_sec_get();
          cgi_obj->time_of_UpgradePrepare = current_time;                                               [4]
          cgi_cmd->API_processing_status = 3;
          return 0;


Eventually, in the UpgradePrepare function, at [4] the time_of_UpgradePrepare field will be set and later on checked in cgi_proc.

The relevant part of the cgi_proc function:

undefined4 cgi_proc(c_cgiserver_obj *cgi)

      current_time = cgi_tick_sec_get();
      if (300 < current_time - cgi->time_of_UpgradePrepare) {                                           [5]
        if (cgi->time_of_UpgradePrepare == 0) {
          return 0;
        cgi_log(0,0,"upgrade out of time!!!!!");
        cgi->reboot_proc_status = 1;
        cgi->is_upgrade_started = 0;
      uVar1 = 0;

At [5] it is shown that, if the Upgrade is not executed within 5 minutes of the completion of UpgradePrepare, the device will reboot. In cgi_check_ability the UpgradePrepare API does not have a specific case, the user permission will default to 7. This will give non-administrative users the possibility to reboot the device. Furthermore many other services are going to shut down just after the UpgradePrepare request is performed, making the recording and other services unavailable.

CVE-2021-40414 - SetMdAlarm

The SetMdAlarm API sets the movement detection parameters, giving the ability to set the sensitivity of the camera per a range of hours, and which of the camera spaces to ignore when considering movement detection. In cgi_check_ability the SetMdAlarm API does not have a specific case, the user permission will default to 7. This will give non-administrative users the possibility to change the movement detection parameters.

CVE-2021-40415 - Format

The Format API formats the SD card, deleting all the recordings in it. After the SD card is formatted, the device will reboot. Because in cgi_check_ability the Format API does not have a specific case, the user permission will default to 7. This will give non-administrative users the possibility to format the SD card and reboot the device.

CVE-2021-40416 - Get APIs

All the Get APIs that are not included in cgi_check_ability are already executable by any logged-in users. In TALOS-2021-1420, theGet APIs are not included and that is an issue. This will allow Get APIs without authentication.


2021-12-06 - Vendor Disclosure
2022-01-19 - Vendor Patched
2022-01-26 - Public Release


Discovered by Francesco Benvenuto of Cisco Talos.