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Cyber Range Training

Improve your team’s ability to respond to threats

Many security teams recognize their employees need to be trained on how to identify and respond to threats, but the real challenge is finding the specific training and tools that will work best with their unique environment. Most vendor-provided training focuses on the vendor’s proprietary technology, which neglects the fundamental technology-agnostic concepts your team needs to enhance their ability to respond. The Talos IR Cyber Range Training provides your team with an immersive experience that is designed and delivered by incident response experts so your security professionals can increase their competency in incident response-related tasks.

Build your skills with Cyber Range Training

The Talos IR cyber range training is a comprehensive, virtual, three-day exercise that uses a crawl-walk-run methodology. Your team starts by examining various tools and techniques that they then apply to a real-world scenario. By immersing your team in this simulated scenario, you ensure they learn the necessary skills and techniques they need to better combat cyber threats and improve team cooperation, all while improving your organization’s security.

What does this include?

  • Exposure to real-world threat tactics, techniques, and procedures
    (TTPs) - conducted against real targets, providing your team with an authentic experience. 
  • Improved team readiness and capabilities to respond to threats
    with advanced incident response practices that are vendor- and tool-agnostic and focus on methodology and techniques.
  • Stronger team cohesion and improved technical and soft skills
    that enhance your security team’s ability to work together to solve complex incident investigations.

Cyber Range Training timeline


    • Methodology
    • Digital forensics and incident response concepts
    • Windows event log analysis
    • Master file table (MFT) analysis

    • Windows registry analysis
    • Group policy (GPO) analysis
    • Linux forensics
    • Memory analysis

    • Incident command practice
    • Team building incident response with instructors standing by
  • Tools & methodologies learned

    • Open-source tools (e.g., Eric Zimmerman Tools, Volatility, Kibana)
    • DFIR investigative techniques from Talos IR experts

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Security expertise at your fingertips

When you partner with Cisco Talos Incident Response, you ensure your organization has direct access to unique and actionable threat intelligence, world-class emergency response capabilities, and unmatched expertise to help you be prepared for current and future threats.

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