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Tabletop Exercises

Turn your vulnerabilities into capabilities

Not every organization has the capability to maintain a consistently adapting security team and with the daily expanse of cyber attacks, it is difficult for organizations to shift to a more proactive method of threat response. If your team lacks the time and expertise they need to proactively manage threats within your network, where do you even start? The Talos IR Tabletop Exercise Service helps test your people, process, and technology against real-world scenarios, so when a threat breaches your defenses, you are ready.

Enhance your incident response

Talos IR experts will create custom scenarios designed to test your processes against the threats facing your organization. At the end of the engagement, your team will receive an after-action report identifying areas of opportunities in your incident response capabilities.

What does this include?

  • Deeper insight into the effectiveness of your incident response plan
    through examination of your supporting procedures and key participants in your IR workflows.
  • Event-based tabletop exercises designed for your security goals
    to train your team how to handle incidents and improve security posture.
  • Formal presentation of findings and recommended next steps
    identifying areas of opportunities in your incident response capabilities.

Types of Tabletop Exercises

  • Traditional:
    Best for testing new incident response plans, or teams new to the existing incident response plan. It can focus on technical or non-technical aspects, including executive, business unit, or IT needs.
  • Gamification:
    Introduces elements of chance, since incident response doesn't always go the way we plan.

Tabletop Exercises case study

  • Challenges

    • Client was concerned about a lack of process maturity and education regarding their incident response plans.
  • Solutions

    • Cisco Incident Response Retainer was put in place to act as insurance and to proactively improve security posture.
    • Proactive retainer services included semi-annual Tabletop Exercises across multiple levels of the organization.
    • Worked with CISO to design a roadmap for a healthy incident response plan.
  • Outcomes

    • Broader engagement identified outside of the InfoSec team.
    • Talos IR-designed and led educational workshops for team members and key executives.
    • Tabletop exercises and readiness assessments identified vulnerabilities and gaps and provided recommendations for remediation.

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Security expertise at your fingertips

When you partner with Cisco Talos Incident Response, you ensure your organization has direct access to unique and actionable threat intelligence, world-class emergency response capabilities, and unmatched expertise to help you be prepared for current and future threats.

Interested in this service?

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